Politics and Gates of Hell

The non-racists of Sweden are stunned. 12,9 percent of us voted for a racist political party. I am part of an international Church in Central Stockholm, and I have fallen in love with all the different cultures represented there, and to see how God connects by heart, people that without him would have nothing in common, so I am disturbed when I see this kind of politics on the rise. Continue reading



Life is like waves. You might enjoy your workday for a while, riding the wave, and then suddenly the wave breaks, and your tasks are boring and repetitive—then comes the next wave, and you’re in the flow again. What would happen if we just left work whenever we felt like it? No, we keep on riding, not according to our feelings, but because we know there will be a big fat amount (or just big enough to barely survive) on our account in the end of the month.

Marriage is the same. Sometimes the fire is burning and you enjoy every moment together. Then a season of everyday life comes—even harder seasons of quarrelling or whatever. What do we do? We keep on building the marriage regardless of our feelings, because we know it will grow stronger and stronger through it all.

Spending time with God is exactly the same. You start praying, and sometimes you feel God’s presence, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you get new energy, God heals you heart from whatever happened yesterday, your emotions are aflame, and then all of a sudden the wave has passed—you don’t feel a thing.

We are meant to live above the waves in all things. Faith is the antithesis of feelings—your feelings may say whatever, but faith sees the truth. When you pray and are bored, faith sees the answer to the prayer coming. When your marriage is boring, faith sees the good days that lie ahead. When work sucks, faith sees the money flying into your account. Keep faith, and be like Peter, walking on the waves1, not floating around being tossed and turned by them. If you have too little faith, talk to Jesus about it, he is good with those kind of things—there is no lost cause with him. Keep praying with this promise in mind:

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.
Psalm 23:13

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— Ben.

1Matthew 14:22-33


More Whitespace

Whitespace is a part of design.

The areas containing nothing at all is what might separate a good design from a cluttered one. If you only have whitespace, you have nothing, but if you have too little, what you have is a mess.

I’ve been thinking about this whitespace. When God designs my life, sometimes he has to add some more whitespace, and I have to let him.

Sometimes I must take a season of strangling my workaholic tendencies. Whenever I let them take over, I get nothing done anyways. It is best as my pastor Walter says: “Work hard—rest hard.”

More whitespace to yah.

– Benjo

Bible Stuff

Why Do the Mountains Draw Me So?

I love the mountains. And I hate them. When I am away from them, sometimes I miss them. When I am at them I sometimes long for bigger mountains to climb. I love seeing mountains in the distance. I love being on top of them seeing the plains from up top. They fill me with awe, if you allow me to use that strong of a word. Mighty rocks tearing out of the plains, going straight up for several hundreds, or even thousand meters. It makes me feel small, and it displays God as big. Continue reading

Other Stuff, SOS Church

The Crevice, the Father and the Tree

A boy was out walking in the mountains with his father. Somewhere along the journey, he suddenly ran off on his own for some exploring. Ripping loose from his fathers grip, he ran quickly towards some exciting terrain, where he had been told not to go. The last thing he heard, was his father crying out, “Don’t go there!” Then he fell down into a narrow crevice.

Continue reading

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God’s Men

Already before I start writing, I know my words will not be enough. Through a year of leader training in SOS Church Stockholm, there is one thing that from time to time has returned to my thoughts. I have heard, and understood how much it can cost—not always, but from time to time—to go out and present the whole Jesus-truth as the Bible portrays it. But how thankful I am that someone did just that, so I had a chance to hear. Continue reading

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#Mission14, Bird Safari and How Those Two Connect

All those things in the title are things I love, and at the same time it all somehow connects to my weekend. I usually write blogposts on Sundays, but I will be stepping down from doing it religiously, and post more when I feel like I have something to say (or more like want to say.) Anyways, let me tell you about bird safari, #Mission14 and how those two connect. Continue reading