You’re Reading the Book Upside Down

When people in a former Christian culture like ours think about Christianity, we might—and often do—think about the Ten Commandments; the Bible and the Christian cultural inheritance is all about trying to be a little better; if you’re in Church you should stop cussing and try to smile at thy neighbour. Continue reading “You’re Reading the Book Upside Down”

The Guy Who Fills Everything

You can climb the best mountains, open the nicest presents, have the nicest house ever, make the finest piece of art, and still you feel empty. I was thinking about it today. Sometimes I get too much into my job as a webdesigner, and I obsess over making that perfect piece of web or graphic design. I never feel like I get there. I loose sleep. I get restless and stressed, thinking about all the things I want to make—all at the same time. Then I suddenly remember I haven’t really hung out with God in an awful long time. Continue reading “The Guy Who Fills Everything”


Life is like waves. You might enjoy your workday for a while, riding the wave, and then suddenly the wave breaks, and your tasks are boring and repetitive—then comes the next wave, and you’re in the flow again. What would happen if we just left work whenever we felt like it? No, we keep on riding, not according to our feelings, but because we know there will be a big fat amount (or just big enough to barely survive) on our account in the end of the month. Continue reading “Waves”

Why Do the Mountains Draw Me So?

I love the mountains. Sometimes I hate them. When I am away from them, sometimes I miss them. When I am on them I sometimes long for bigger mountains to climb. I love seeing mountains in the distance. I love being on top of them seeing the plains from up top. They fill me with awe, if you allow me to use that strong of a word. Mighty rocks tearing out of the plains, going straight up for several hundreds, or even thousand meters. It makes me feel small, and it displays creator God as big. Continue reading “Why Do the Mountains Draw Me So?”